Through Hallett’s Eyes: SA jazz, art, and African literature

“To look, until seeing... but seeing by way of retrieval, of resurging images, buried in unconscious memory. This is the undefined space where, one day, the archival nature of George Hallett’s photography revealed itself. Immersed in a combination of visual, graphic, and textual elements, there they were, all along, rubbing shoulders with other iconic images, … Continue reading Through Hallett’s Eyes: SA jazz, art, and African literature

PASS @ The Showroom

Christine Eyene will take part in PASS, Chimurenga’s Pan African Space Station radio hosted in The Chimurenga Library, a project co-curated by Chimurenga, The Otolith Collective and The Showroom. The two conversations will focus on Cameroon’s Bikutsi music (Sat 10 Oct), looking at the origins of the genre, its message and style, its influence in … Continue reading PASS @ The Showroom

Têtes Brûlées and Bikutsi

Curator Christine Eyene and music journalist, author and filmmaker Blaise Ndjehoya discuss Bikutsi music as part of the Pan African Space Station POP-UP radio hosted by Fondation Cartier during the Nomadic Nights programmed alongside the exhibition “Beauté Congo – 1926-2915 – Congo Kitoko”, curated by André Magnin. This conversation follows from the exhibition “All Of … Continue reading Têtes Brûlées and Bikutsi