PASS @ The Showroom

George Hallett, Mongezi Feza (right) and friend. London, 1973.

Christine Eyene will take part in PASS, Chimurenga’s Pan African Space Station radio hosted in The Chimurenga Library, a project co-curated by Chimurenga, The Otolith Collective and The Showroom.

The two conversations will focus on Cameroon’s Bikutsi music (Sat 10 Oct), looking at the origins of the genre, its message and style, its influence in the formation of cultural identity, as well as pioneering figures like Los Camaroes / Messi Martin, Georges Seba, Sellsa, Ange Ebogo Emerent, Les Têtes Brûlées which style revolutionised the genre, new wave of singers like Mani Bella, and traces of Bikutsi in Cameroonian Hip Hop.

Eyene will also discuss her research on South African photographer George Hallett (Sun 11 Oct) and his documentation of South African exile in London, Jazz musicians and African literature; a research linked to her collaboration to the Making Histories Visible project at the University of Central Lancashire.

PASS live broadcasting programme of music, interviews and events with Chimurenga collaborators at The Showroom features musicians, journalists, writers, curators and filmmakers including: 

sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, The Otolith Collective, Chimurenga, Agency for Agency, Shabaka Hutchings, Dego (2000 Black), Pass Me the Microphone (Amanprit Sandhu and Hansi Momodu-Gordon), Jenny Mbaye, Larry Achiampong, John Akomfrah, Phoebe Boswell, Paul Bradshaw, Audrey Brown, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Ekow Eshun, Ros Gray, Henriette Gunkel, Ayesha Hameed, Anthony Josephs, Michael McMillan, Christian Nyampeta, Funsho Ogundipe, George Shire, Tom Skinner and Matthew Temple.

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