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SAVVY CONTEMPORARY launches Sensitivities of Dance. Performing Modes of De/encoding Movement


Why do we dance/ move? Why does an instrument sound like a reflection of self? How do we encapsulate the vibration to the rhythm of a sound, a melody? What is the message behind these practices and how do we encode/decode the messages behind movement practices? The human body is a vessel that holds our experiences and ephemeral existence, digesting them, projecting them, sharing them, reinventing them endlessly. Our DNA carries our singularity and at the same time our universality.

Each of us has the potential of a million possible ways to move and resonate in (un)defined spaces. SENSITIVITIES OF DANCE deals with various methods of how, for example, folkloric dance can be re-centered within the classical categorization of dance techniques. How to shed light on its codified beauty, its inter-generational DNA and its technical relevance?

The aim of this curatorial program is to highlight various contemporary approaches to en- or decoding the art of dance, movement and sound by opening interdisciplinary-focused conversations considering the complex construction of cultural identities. Revising how studying and apprehending different layers of hybrid identities, through the moving body and associative sounds, may lead to a counter discourse on sociological, political, philosophical and physiological variances.

The preverbial has known movement before any form of paraverbal communication. Movement mechanisms evoke speech, sound and spatial motion. Spiritual dimensions are in a constant state of floating, activated through movement and dance. SENSITIVITIES OF DANCE invites dancers, DJs and sound artists from the ballroom scene, hip hop, ballett, house, contemporary and jazz dance to address monthly themes on dance history, spirituality, memory, trance, ecology, psychology and the politics of a moving body. Each month, selected dancers and a sound artist from different disciplines are invited to en/decode their individual movement art practises together. Curated and moderated by Jumoke Adeyanju and Thomias Radin, the participating dancers will engage in a conversation in the form of verbal language, movement language and/or music.

Sensitivities of Dance. Performing Modes of De/encoding Movement
1st edition: 24 April, 19:00 CET
Online via facebook and youtube

With Elizabeth Clarke-Hasters aka Qui, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Nasheeka Nedsreal, Elsa M’bala aka Amet and Jessica Ekomane.

Curation: Jumoke Adeyanju and Thomas Radin
Management: Lema Sikod
Communication: Anna Jäger

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Cover image: Photo by Raisa Galofre.

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