George Hallett and Exiled Voices with Christine Eyene

The Showroom director Elvira Dyangani Ose dedicates her Fortnightly Highlight 7 to George Hallett who passed away on 1 July and invites readers to listen to Hallett’s words.

In 2015, Christine Eyene participated in a recording session for Chimurenga‘s Pan African Space Station (PASS) at The Showroom. In George Hallett and Exiled Voices, Eyene shared her research into the work of the photographer, and stories of artists from South Africa living in exile. Punctuating her commentary, the broadcast featured interviews with George Hallett and Louis Moholo as well as songs from the Blue Notes and the Brotherhood of Breath.

This edition of PASS was part of a collaboration between The Showroom, The Otolith Collective and Cape Town-based outfit Chimurenga that infiltrated The Showroon building in the form of The Chimurenga Library, inserting themselves into the existing frameworks, functions and structures of the space without displacing its everyday activities.

Listen to George Hallett and Exiled Voices with Christine Eyene.

Read also Chimurenga’s tribute to George Hallett.


Cover image: George Hallett photographs in The Chimurenga Library, 2015. Photo: Daniel Brooke. Courtesy George Hallett and Christine Eyene, Making Histories Visible, University of Central Lancashire, and Chimurenga.

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