A sound art performance by Elsa M’bala

In summer 2017, Cameroonian sound artist Elsa M’bala (aka AMET) was invited by Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix in London to perform as part of the Art Night 2017 event coinciding with the exhibition Still unresolved and very much ongoing curated by Christine Eyene.

This video is an excerpt from the performance. It was also presented as part of the video documentation exhibited in Sounds Like Her, a New Art Exchange touring exhibition showcasing women sound art practice.

One of the very few African women sound artists, Elsa M’Bala was born in Yaounde in 1988 where she grew up before moving to Germany with her family in 1999. After completing her studies in Social Sciences in Munster, Elsa spent a few years traveling Europe and was introduced to various artistic spheres. She began performing as a singer-songwriter, musician and poet before venturing into sound art in 2010 and relocating to Yaounde in 2012. She is now based between Yaounde and Berlin.

Her work explores African and Cameroonian history and archive material. It addresses gender discourses and pushes sonic experiments by bridging Cameroon’s sonic heritage, musical instruments and technology including sound machines, the internet and other forms of digital media.

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