We will not give you the satisfaction…

We will not give you the satisfaction… is a postscript on the project WHERE WE’RE AT! Other voices on gender curated by Christine Eyene at BOZAR, Brussels in 2014. Conceived as an illustrated lecture/essay-in-progress, it proposes to revisit the route that has led to an interest in the representation of the black body in art and gendered expressions, particularly female and queer.

Poised between African women’s narratives and the Black British context, from lived experience to theory and art practice, the presentation will address discourses and aesthetic strategies within politics of representation. It will also take a critical stance on the commodification of the body in some strands of socio-politically oriented art, while seeking out ways to complexify an engagement with gender politics in art through non-object-based practices. Presence, voice, sound, noise will therefore be key features in this presentation.

This essay-in-progress is part of a preliminary research for a UK touring exhibition on women and sound art currently developed for 2017.

We will not give you the satisfaction: black perspective on gendered artistic discourses
Lecture by Christine Eyene

Wednesday 26 October 2016
Free event, booking recommended here.

La Bellone
Vlaamsesteenweg 46

Followed by:

20h – discussion on the postcolonial context in Belgium with Gia Abrassart and Heleen De Beuckealere.

21h – reception at Le Space (rue de la Clé 10, 1000 Bruxelles).

All evening – slam performances selected by Warrior Poets.

See Sophia website for information on further events.



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