Blind Plural: Artists in conversation

Blind plural
Nai-fei Wu, Word Chain, printed books. Photo

The third in a series of events connected to the exhibition ‘Blind Plural’, ‘Artists in conversation’ brings together some of the artists participating in the show for an open discussion taking the title of the exhibition as point of departure. The conversation will include members of the New Music Ensemble, NME (part of Rodrigo B. Camacho’s The Wolf Game: Death by Hyperstress).

Artists: Rodrigo B. Camacho, François Larini, Naifei Wu with Sara Rodrigues (NME | Artistic Director) and Gabriele Cavallo (NME | Editorial Director)

Rodrigo B. Camacho (b. Funchal, 1990) is a London-based artistic director, composer, performer and performance designer.  He is the current artistic director, composer and performance designer for PLACE. As a practitioner and researcher Rodrigo’s interests are acoustic instrumental and vocal music, improvisation, conceptual performance art, sonic art, phonography, politics and sociology, performative installation, experimental theatre, dance and choreography.

François Larini (b. Monaco, 1975) is a London-based curator and musician. His work encompasses field recordings, electronic improvisation, drones and archives balancing between personal narrative and ethnographic documents. A trained pianist, François also holds two postgraduate degrees in Social Anthropology and Human Ecology from Marseille and Geneva universities. He is the cofounder of the label Bordille Records (London/Marseille).

Nai-fei Wu (b. Taiwan, 1989) is a London-based artist working in photography, video, installation, performance and other post-studio art practices. She is currently an MA postgraduate student in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. Centring around topics such as perception, subjectivity, translation and mediation, her practice focuses on exploring the rationale which we employ to approach and understand the world.

Blind Plural: Artists in conversation

Wednesday March 16, from 3 to 5pm

Hundred Years Gallery
13 Pearson Street
London E2 8JD
T: 44 (0)20 3602 7973

Blind Plural exhibition continues to March 19.

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