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Tracklist 2: Highlife, Hip Hop

Selected by Larry Achiampong


Alhaji K.Frimpong – KyenKyen Bi Adi Mawu (1976)

Christy Azuma and Uppers International – Naam (1976)

Ebo Taylor – Atwer Abroba (1977)

African Brothers Band International – Akwantifi Wuo (1981)

Atakora Manu – Palm Wine Seller (1981)

Grand Wizard Theodore feat. Chris Stein – Subway Theme (1982-83)

Nas/AZ – Life’s a Bitch (1994)

J Dilla – Only two Can Win (2006)

Also recommended:

Larry Achiampong, Mey Mogya (2011)


Larry Achiampong, More Mogya (2012-13)



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