ALPHA live at ELEKTRA 16 festival

Julien Bayle, Alpha.French sound artist Julien Bayle will play ALPHA on Friday 15 May at ELEKTRA 16, festival of digital arts, in Montréal, Canada. With a radical sound and minimalist aesthetics, ALPHA is an audiovisual performance exploring the relationship between sound and image, pushing the boundaries between those two fields through algorithmic sequencers controlled in real time.

This 16th edition of ELEKTRA entitled POST-AUDIO is centred on the power of sound, in the sense of “beyond audio” or beyond what we know as sound. With programming that looks at the influence of sound on our psyche and explores phenomena of listening, ELEKTRA 16 is a window onto local, national and international creation.

The festival presents more than 30 of the most innovative local and international digital artists throughout ten partnering venues, with a line-up including acclaimed artists Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and Byetone (Olaf Bender), co-founders of the label Raster Noton, performing as Diamond Version. Artists from the label also featured in the festival are Atsuhiro Ito, Ueno Masaaki. Other Japanese artists include DUB-Russell (Kiichiro Toyooka and Yataro Shuto) and Yasuyuki Yoshida.

Julien Bayle, is one of the artists of All of us have a sense of rhythm, a multidisciplinary exhibition curated by Christine Eyene, opening on 5th June at David Roberts Art Foundation, London.

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