Sonic Disruptions

The Tate Britain is presenting Sonic Disruption a screening and discussion hosted as part of Speculative Tate and Late at Tate Britain series.

Film Programme


A screening of artist’s short films by Amanda Beech, Luke Pendrell, Keith Tilford and Benedict Singleton and Dir. Brian Rogers.



Join an ongoing discussion lead by theorist Dr. James Trafford and artist Luke Pendrell, exploring the theoretical movement Speculative Realism and its impact upon contemporary art practice. This discussion will include the premiere of Delusions of the Living Dead, a new film work by AUDINT followed by a response from Robin Mackay and Eleni Ikoniadou.

Film Information

Delusions of the Living Dead

AUDINT is a research cell investigating how frequencies are used to demarcate the soundscape and the ways in which their martial and civil deployments modulate psychological, physiological and architectural states. Re-formatted in 2008, it currently consists of Toby Heys and Steve Goodman. For Late at Tate Britain AUDINT present a new immersive sound and visual installation titled Delusions of the Living Dead. Based on one side of the vinyl record that accompanies the Martial Hauntology book, the animated video is a sub-chapter that documents Walter Slepian’s 1949 plan to purloin and photograph French neurologist Jules Cotard’s medical notebook.

The Last Girl Scout
Benedict Singleton and Dir. Brian Rogers

A collaborative film work between Benedict Singleton and Dir. Brian Rogers, The Last Girl Scout is a cinematic portrait of a ‘final girl’ fit for the 21st century. The film modernises the familiar narrative figure, emerging in the ‘70s, of the woman who refuses to die when she is supposed to, and draws on previously unsuspected reserves of ingenuity to mount her escape. While the final girl has provided rich fodder for film theorists, especially regarding her complex reprocessing of gender mores, what often lingers unrecognised is how the final girl improvises new technologies in the interests of survival: the only place in Western culture where there still persist very ancient ideas about technology as a weapon of the weak, and the means of prevailing when defeat appears inevitable – a tendency pushed to its speculative extreme in The Last Girl Scout.

Ignis Fatuus
Luke Pendrell

Experimental filmic collage exploring the interstices of science, technology and the supernatural from artist and writer Luke Pendrell.

Sonic Disruptions
Tate Britain
Friday 1 May 2015 19.00 – 20.30

This event will be held in the Clore Auditorium at Tate Britain 19.30–21.30. Attendance is free but tickets will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis from 18.00 in the Clore Foyer.

For more information visit Tate Britain.

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