GARDEN CONVERSATIONS: Hale Tenger, Anike Joyce Sadiq


Based on three different conversations, one imaginary, one spontaneously documented, and one undocumented, “Garden Conversations” brings together three works: Hale Tenger’s Under (2019), Anike Joyce Sadiq’s Visited by a Tiger (2020) and Bouchra Khalili’s Garden Conversation (2014), which lends the programme its title. Some fictional, some documentarian, these three video works narrate conversations between birds, hunters and a tree; a psychologist, a book and an artist; and two revolutionaries, Ernesto Guevara and Abdelkrim Al Khattabi, a Moroccan anticolonial leader, who showed the world that it was possible to triumph over a European colonial power in African territories in the 1920s. Poetically, carefully and slowly, all the video works share conversations that need to be heard for solidarity, meditation and compassion to be possible. Not only referring to political and psychological inspirations throughout history and the ethics of international solidarity, the video programme also revolves around notions of freedom, eco-feminism and justice. Through these engaging conversations, three women from different generations and geographic backgrounds create challenging works that generate their own methodologies and discourse.

Thursday, 24 September 18:00 (CEST)
Join via ZOOM
Speakers: Hale Tenger, Anike Joyce Sadiq
Moderation: Didem Yazıcı
The conversation will be in English.
In collaboration with The New Center for Research & Practice.
Special thanks to Mohammad Salemy and Kasra Rahmanian.

Bouchra Khalili, Hale Tenger, Anike Joyce Sadiq
6 August – 2 October 2020
curated by Didem Yazıcı

Museum für Neue Kunst
Marienstraße 10a
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Cover image: Anike Joyce Sadiq, Visited by a Tiger, Video stills, 2019.

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