Effet de Miroir

Effet de Miroir (Mirror Effect) is an exhibition featuring works by Saïd Afifi, Elisabeth Ballet, Sammy Baloji, Robert Barry, Cecile Bart, Fouad Bellamine, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Philippe Cazal, Roberta Gigante, Véronique Joumard, Jinsun Lee, Guy Limone, Hamid Maghraoui, Anthony McCall and Mengzhi Zeng.

Curated by Nadine Gayet-Descendre, the exhibition seeks to highlight the interdisciplinarity that is more and more present in contemporary. It also reflects the curator’s interest in architecture. The project bridges a creative dialogue between emerging and confirmed artists. The works were selected to engage with, and as a response to, French artist Philippe Cazal’s Compacités that are neither paintings nor sculptures, neither a stated concept nor words but are all of this at the same time.

The series is made of words, chosen by the artist, which letters are interlocked to embody both a unique visual reality and a secret symbolism; uttered but hidden as a single image, as an allegory of meaning.

In addition to addressing questions of space, if not of architecture, the pieces in the exhibition are interwoven by poetics drawing from words, lights and ideas, expressed thought a broad set of concepts and approaches.

Effet de Miroir
5 April – 30 May

25, Boulevard Moulay Rachid
20170 Casablanca

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