First Thursdays Art Bus Tour: August 2017

Image: Whitechapel Gallery

Join us on Thursday 3rd August for a tour of the exhibition ‘Still unresolved and very much ongoing’ at Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix as part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s First Thursdays Art Bus Tour.

Curated by Christine Eyene, ‘Still unresolved and very much ongoing’ responds to the rhetoric of ‘the importance of art now more than ever’ that gained currency on social media in the face of the crisis of humanism. The exhibition proposes to examine the relationship between sociopolitics and aesthetics through the work of artists Delaine Le Bas (UK), Thierry Geoffroy (France/Denmark), Elsa M’bala (Cameroon/Germany), Gideon Mendel (South Africa/UK), and texts from Bakwa Magazine and its editor Dzekashu Macviban (Cameroon).

Taking the British context as point of departure, and the wave of exhibitions by Black British artists, this exhibition is the result of a continued dialogue with artists who have always been alert to the fragility of democracies and concerned with the pockets of exclusions that exist in the so-called ‘Free World’.

“Still unresolved and very much ongoing” is a quote from an essay by British art historian Kobena Mercer entitled “Iconography after Identity” (2005) in which he discusses Black British art and the importance and complexities of apprehending identity-based, and by extension socio-politically oriented art, through the prism of iconography and iconology. The exhibition title also reflects the current climate of the surreal revival of past forms of prejudice and injustice thought to have been eradicated but resurfacing like a societal necrosis.

Find out more on the exhibition and see a photo gallery here. Exhibition concludes on Saturday 5 Aug.

First Thursdays Art Bus Tour: 3rd August 2017

Every First Thursday, Whitechapel Gallery runs the Art Bus Tour. Visiting a changing selection of art spaces, galleries and exhibitions across the East End, each stop on the tour is introduced by an artist or curator. This month’s Art Bus Tour will visit Chisenhale Gallery, PEER Gallery and Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix.

The First Thursdays Art Bus Tour starts and ends at the Whitechapel Gallery and runs from 7 to 9pm.

Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High St
E1 7QX

Tickets £9.50/£7.50 concs. Book your place here.

Note: The bus leaves promptly at 7pm so please arrive early if you would like to see the exhibitions and events at the Whitechapel Gallery.

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