Megumi Matsubara & Nastio Mosquito in conversation with Christine Eyene

Megumi Matsubara, was born in Tokyo and now lives in Morocco. Her work expresses thoughts and ideas in the form of spaces. Digging deep into the relationships between all sorts of phenomena, she creates environments that exhaust words and convey something of the invisible of the invisible colours hovering around.

Nástio Mosquito, was born in Angola and is based in Luanda. He draws on all sorts of media, including his own body, in order to give a concrete form to thoughts and ideas. When dealing with intense emotions like anger and violence, he desperately yearns to encounter the inexplicable higher power that love represents.

Megumi and Nástio exchanged for the first time in January this year…

“Megumi Matsubara & Nástio Mosquito” reveals the trajectory of their encounter. The process of getting to know each other does not unravel a linear story but rather a multidirectional space. Speculative thoughts and emotions involved in meeting someone for the first time, confusion, anxiety, and hope, are transformed into sound, light, and words that fill and occupy this space.
Christine Eyene discusses with Megumi Matsubara and Nástio Mosquito the story and process of a virtual encounter, and the creative collaboration leading up to this installation and performance.

Megumi Matsubara & Nástio Mosquito
In conversation with Christine Eyene
Friday 17 May 2013, 7.00pm
Yokohama Creative City Center (YCC)
Hall 1F
6-50-1 Honcho

This conversation is part of Sound/Art – Tuning in to Africa, an event organised by the Yokohama Arts Foundation. See here for more information.

Christine Eyene’s participation is supported by a Curators Grant from the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

See also related event: Yokohama International Conference on Contemporary African Arts.


First posted: 10/05/2013

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