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كلامي قرطاس, I SPIT FIRE

21 Sept - 30 Oct 2020, Kulte Gallery and Editions, Rabat, Morocco

كلامي قرطاس, I SPIT FIRE presents a new work by Fatima Mazmouz on the colonial body. Included in her project entitled Casablanca mon amour, les Résistantes, the series of photographs and sculptures revealed at The Mosaic Rooms in London as part of the RAW QUEENS exhibition will be presented at Kulte Center for Contemporary Art from 21 Sept to 30 Oct 2020.

An installation of performance-like photographs and sculptures

In the dancing body of the Chikha, the woman becomes in turn rooster, snake and horse. Part of the living history of popular culture in Morocco, the Chikha is a woman warrior, a resistant who fights with dance and words, thus renewing through her body the country’s tradition of oral history. Fatima Mazmouz plays against a background of virile and powerful weapons, like the voice of these unruly and disobedient women, both disturbing and free.

The Chikhates series offers a new portrayal of indigenous power figures and opens up new avenues for discussion on gender, decolonization and popular culture.

كلامي قرطاس, I SPIT FIRE is a collaboration between The Mosaic Rooms (London, United Kingdom) and Kulte Center for Contemporary Art and Editions (Rabat, Morocco).

Kulte Gallery and Editions
7 rue Benzerte
Quartier Hassan
10000 Rabat


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