Curating Lab – Participants



Bruna Esperi

Bruna is an Italian educator and organiser. In Italy, she obtained a master’s degree in Cinema & Multimedia Production and History of Art. Over the pas year and a half, she has been based in Rotterdam where she’s active in the community Women Connected and pursuing a master’s degree in Education in Arts at Piet Zwart Institute. She has worked in Italy, Germany and Austria on a variety of projects, exhibitions and events, focusing on socially engaged art practices. Currently, she’s developing a project that pays attention to the social impact of music in different contexts.

Bruna: “The past year, I was mostly engaged in collaborative art projects. There, I felt like I was missing a deeper connection between the people and the institution; a deep interest in the people themselves and not only in the programme that you want them to take part in. I delved into music and voice, interested in its potential to connect people, build communities and raise awareness. Curating Lab offers a great chance to investigate the role of voices and borders in the discovery of social cohesion by questioning identities through the language of music. The opportunity to work together with local communities and sound art professionals is extremely powerful.

Irandi Garcia Mora

Irandi Garcia Mora moved from Mexico to Belgium for love. She lives in Lommel with her Belgian partner and her Belgian-Mexican son. With a Bachelor degree in marketing from La Salle University and master studies in Sociology from IMCED, she is bound to become the marketing expert for Curating Lab. Since March 2020 she has also been a volunteer at Huis van de Wereld Lommel.

Irandi: “It has been very hard to stay in touch with the ‘Mexican Irandi’, especially in times like these. The past year, I was stuck at home in a new country with a new-born baby, and I couldn’t keep up with my Dutch lessons since classes got cancelled because of the coronavirus. Now, I’m trying to find my new identity and redefine my role in this world. That’s why I want to take part in Curating Lab. I think it is really important to be able to give a part of my country to my son. As a Latin woman, I love to dance and I love music. And although I have no artistic skills, I look forward to contributing to Curating Lab in any way possible.”

Liesbeth Lemmens​

For years, Belgian Liesbeth has had a heart for other cultures. She loves making sounds and feeling rhythms and has experienced how different cultures use music. Her interest in African rhythms and sounds, and passion for drumming, African dancing and singing, brought her to Ghana where she met her Ghanaian husband. In Flanders, she runs a small organisation called Between Colours, where she gives workshops as a music therapist in order for people to connect through the experience of music and rhythms from different countries.

Liesbeth: “Because of my background, I feel connected to take part in Curating Lab. I’d like to learn how to organize events and how to make sound art. Also, I’m interested in exploring how to connect people with sound and bring them back to their roots. Because it really helps when you can give people ways to express their culture’s music, and so, their identities. I’m looking forward to connecting with the world of sound art because it’s a new point of view for me. Also, it’s great to meet people with the same interests.

Soonie Jeon

Soonie moved from Korea to Belgium almost thirteen years ago. She joined Curating Lab to gain new experiences.

Soonie: “I’m interested in music and sound art and want to create music that goes beyond religion and geopolitical issues; music for everyone, even for people without musical background or music education.”


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