Call for afrodescendant artists: Mission Dakar Biennale 2020

Opportunity for Montreal-based afrodescendant artists to attend the Dakar Biennale 2020, deadline 20 Jan 2020

In an effort to provide international opportunities for visual artists from culturally diverse backgrounds, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and Centre CLARK have joined forces to launch the Mission Dakar Biennale 2020, with artist Moridja Kitenge Banza as guest curator.

Expanding our network and promoting art from Montreal
This pilot project will allow selected artists to travel to Senegal to attend the Dakar Biennale, on view from late May to early June 2020. The goal is to help local artists of African descent discover one of the oldest and most important contemporary art events on the African continent.  The experience will not only enrich their work, but also help them expand and diversify their networks by meeting local and international arts professionals in attendance at the 14th edition of the Dakar Biennale.

The Dakar Biennale is one of the largest showcases for contemporary African art, and features artists living both on and off the African continent. Established in 1989 by the Senegalese State, its inaugural edition in 1990 was dedicated to literature, and the second edition, in 1992, was devoted to contemporary visual art. Since 1996, the Biennale has focused exclusively on contemporary art from the African diaspora. It is the longest-running biennale of its kind in Africa.

Eligibility criteria :
– be a visual artist of African descent
– be a permanent Canadian resident
– be based in Montreal for at least one year
– be available from the end of May to early June
– be recognized as a professional artist (have had presented an artwork in a professional context at least once)

Your proposal must include:
– An artist statement (max. 300 words)
– An updated CV
– Ten (10) digital images of your work (jpg format, max. 8 MB per image).
– Please include web links for videos and sound (max. 10 minutes). If the sources are private, please add a password.

Deadline:  January 20, 2020
Submit your proposal to: programmation@clarkplaza.org

For more information visit : Centre Clark

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