Bikoka Art Project is a new independent initiative dedicated to providing artistic and professional opportunities to local youth and women, and supporting the next generation of creatives in Lolodorf, Cameroon.

Community & Environment

Developed in dialogue with the local community, and in harmony with the area’s cultural heritage and natural environment, Bikoka Art Project will first run as an online and open-air art project. It will also host some of its first events at existing local facilities.




Activities will include artists commissions, workshops, young talents programmes, exhibitions and performances. Its first orientations will focus on history and traditional knowledge more particularly around plants, music and architecture. It will also seek to work in collaboration with artists and art organisations in Cameroon, Africa and globally.

Bikoka Art Project is located in the quiet and green area of Bikoka on a site that will evolve into an art centre, enabling to expand its activities to include a residency, exhibition space, art library, and an art garden.


Bikoka Art Project at Orchids

4 February – 5 March 2023

Kew Gardens


Photo Gallery

Selected Media

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Bikoka Art Project is funded by Eyonart

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