Call: sounds from the community

As part of the Curating Lab led by Christine Eyene with artists Mo Laudi and Elsa M’bala, we are calling out to the lab participants and the wider community of Pelt (Belgium) to share the sounds that are close to your heart or meaningful to you.

These can be music that keeps you connected to your family history, home, or your culture of origin, especially at a time where traveling is restricted. It could be sounds from an environment that is new to you, new country, new town. It could also be your own domestic environment where prolonged periods of lockdown have created, for most of us, a new relationship to sound, be it the quietness of the city or the increased awareness of the sounds in our private sphere.

The sounds / music contributed will be the basis of new art works that the participants will create with Mo Laudi and Elsa M’bala as part of the Curating Lab. These new pieces, reflecting the sounds from the community, will also be a way to give you a platform of creative expression, as well as to the multitude of voices and cultures that make up the Pelt community and its surroundings.

The sound pieces will be performed in front of a live public and streamed online on Saturday 29 May 2021 from 2.00 pm.

Sound files can be sent to

See here for more information on the Curating Lab.

Image © Mo Laudi, still from Afro Bolero (2020).

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