Spaces @ Raven Row

Raven Row is offering rent-free spaces to groups or organisations

While Raven Row is taking a break from making exhibitions, single (ex-gallery) rooms are available rent-free for 1 year periods (or 6 months if preferred). A total of 5 rooms are available.

Raven Row is inviting applications from groups (interpreted as consisting of three or more people) or organisations that wish to use the rooms, and are based broadly in the visual arts, although cross-disciplinary work will be considered positively.

Applications can propose any use for these rooms, although expectations will be for artistic projects, and forms of research and production (that might function harmoniously alongside other occupants).

Activity is imagined principally to be desk-based. Small scale production might be possible but the rooms are not suitable for fabrication or loud noise. No heavy equipment or ‘wet’ materials may be used.

Applications are especially encouraged from groups or organisations working on collaborative and social projects (e.g. group or collective artistic, architectural or literary practice, grassroots activity/activism, work with communities, education, urbanism etc.).

Rooms will not be available for public exhibitions, events or open meetings. Access to the building will be by invitation (of the occupants) and pre-arrangement only.

Groups might not have existed prior to making an application to Raven Row. Alternatively, groups or organisations could already have access to other working space but might wish to demarcate room in Raven Row for an extension of their activities.

Only non-commercial activity will be considered. Preference will be for groups or organisations that don’t receive regular funding.

Each group will receive a grant of £1,000 from Raven Row at the start of their tenancy.

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Deadline Friday 13 April 2018

Visit Raven Row to find out more.

Photo of Raven Row by Marcus J. Leith.