The Sound Behind the Project

The Sound Behind the Project is a short selection of tracks that have informed the concept of All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm, developed by Christine Eyene, presented at David Roberts Art Foundation from 5th June to 1st Aug. 2015, as part as the Curators’ Series #8. This evolving playlist, developed during the course of the exhibition, draws from the cultural heritage and rhythmic patterns of Bikutsi music (Cameroon) and evolves into a variety of modern and contemporary percussive and electronic genres.

See All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm exhibition leaflet, including the curator’s essay, here.

Tracklist 1: Bikutsi selection by Christine Eyene

Tracklist 2: Highlife, etc… – selection by Larry Achiampong

Tracklist 3: Rhythmic Patterns – selection by François Larini aka S/QU/NC/R

Julius Eastman, Evil Nigger (1979)

Moderat, Slow Match (2009)

Tyondai Braxton, Rubric – REWORK_Philip Glass (2012)

Nico Muhly, Drones in Large Cycles (2012)

Charles Cohen, Club Revival Performance (2013)

Hauschka, live session for Boiler Room (2014)

DJ Firmeza, Animação OLHA O BODA (2015)

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